Author Page

Author Page

Hello there, my name is Katie Wilson, welcome to my author page! I’ve read books all my life and I wrote my first short story in 3rd grade. Sadly, that story about literal Rolling Stones has been lost. I’ve had many ideas and book attempts since then but I didn’t get serious about finishing until this year, and at CampNaNo July 2017, I completed my first draft! I’ve been researching the whole book writing process, hoping to set myself up for success. My dream is to be a published author and I hope you’ll be on this journey with me. Follow me on Twitter, YouTube, and this blog for updates. Thanks everyone!

Listed below are my current WIPs that I’ve been writing, researching, and outlining. I’m very excited to write these stories!

Current Projects:

(Working Titles/Blurbs)

Genre: Upper MG Fantasy

Warlock School Series


Progress: Second Draft, revisions & edits

Blurb: Twelve year old Erayn is on her way to Ryvnik, School of the Arcane, to start her first year of warlock school. One small hiccup, her powers haven’t kicked in yet. The day before school starts she touches an object that sends magic into her, awakening her own.

Throughout her first year Erayn touches objects not meant for her. With the help of new friends, she investigates what magic the objects are crafted with and who is behind their creation. Unfortunately for her, the one crafting the objects finds out about her first.

On top of the crafted objects mystery, Erayn finds herself in a feud between marked and unmarked warlocks. As an all blue warlock, she’s a part of the marked faction, the faction that’s considered lesser.

Erayn’s under a time crunch to learn as much as the older kids know. She has to be stronger, smarter, and a step ahead if she wants to survive her first year.


Progress: Outline


Genre: YA Fantasy

Prophecy Duology


Progress: Second Draft, revisions & edits

Blurb: Due to a miscommunication of a prophesy, the actual prophecy is set in motion. With too many players trying to be the hero, will anyone succeed in the end?

In the medieval Kingdom of Gaendra, villages are being burned and people are being taken aboard ships, never to be seen again. After Kenna’s world is turned upside down, she travels across the kingdom to find her family and to seek answers. Along the way she encounters friend and foe, learns about the hidden Fae protectors, and learns a few things about herself.


Progress: Work in Progress

Blurb: Kenna and her new friends think they’ve managed to conquer the prophecy only to find a larger enemy at play. With the prophecy still in motion, and a portal to another realm opened, are the heroes up to the task? Can they gather enough forces to withstand the new threat, before their kingdom is overrun?


Genre: Sci-Fi Contemporary


Progress: Brainstorming

Blurb: Jane makes a living as a badass bounty hunter, portaling to other Earths to catch bad guys. She didn’t expect to one day be hunting down her ex-fiance, let alone hear his revelation that makes her question her past. Jane is duty bound to her job, but her heart and mind aren’t aligning. Meanwhile she still has a list of perps to track down. Follow her adventures as she tries to keep the Earth and her heart safe.


Genre: Fantasy


Progress: Brainstorming

Blurb: Immerse yourself in the intrigue and politics of Norse Mythology. Follow the group of Valkyries along the battle lines, collecting men worthy of Valhalla, and their interactions in Asgard.