Prophecy Duology

Prophecy Duology

My current project plan is for a duology made up of Fulfilling The Prophecy & Behind The Prophecy.

They’re written in 3rd person, past tense, with multiple POVs. I tried to diversify their personalities with the Myers Briggs Chart, but in the end, the characters did what they wanted. If you’re a writer, you understand.

My current obsession is Young Adult Fantasy. I knew I wanted to world build a kingdom and have mythological creatures like dragons, because duh. And it’s medieval times so no electricity, sewer system, etc.

This series has a narrow view of the world, it’s mostly focused on one giant island roughly the size of Europe which helped for mapping out walking distances. The kingdom only has one ruler, like I said, a narrow view. The land mass encompasses the full spectrum of seasons, landscapes, and skin tones.

I wanted to create a story where good people fight evil people, plain and simple.

What’s not simple are people’s motives and intentions. I wanted to create something that wasn’t cut and dry, something that didn’t have a chosen one, because I read people were tired of that? There is a prophecy that gets set in motion, but different people are claiming it’s about them. You can imagine the confusion and chaos that creates…

I tried to create a story that was different from the norm. I had a lot of fun creating a new world with diverse characters and creatures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do ♥