Fulfilling The Prophecy

Fulfilling The Prophecy


Progress: Second Draft, revisions & editing

Blurb: Due to a miscommunication of a prophesy, the actual prophecy is set in motion. With too many players trying to be the hero, will anyone succeed in the end?

In the medieval Kingdom of Gaendra, villages are being burned and people are being taken aboard ships, never to be seen again. After Kenna’s world is turned upside down, she travels across the kingdom to find her family and to seek answers. Along the way she encounters friend and foe, learns about the hidden Fae protectors, and learns a few things about herself.

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This is sort of what Kenna is like, a warrior in the making.

Kenna has a lot of growing up to do in the book. She’s running from her fate until her losses are too much and she must face facts. Luckily, her new found friends are there to catch her when she falls, and help her along her quest to reunite with her family and rid the kingdom of an evil force.

To check out the Pinterest board that is inspiring some scenes, characters, and creatures click HERE.

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Fulfilling The Prophecy
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