Warlock School Series

Warlock School Series

The Warlock School series is Upper Middle Grade, 1st person POV, and past tense. The series will start in 6th grade and continue through 12th; 7 books in total. I want to explore warlocks and what their training might be like.

Some consider warlocks to be male witches, but I want to explore the warlocks that Cassandra Clare has made; the ones with marks, who live long lives, and can’t have children. There is so much to explore, especially with the prejudices against warlocks.

I can’t wait for you to meet Erayn, the protagonist, and learn about Ryvnik, School of The Arcane with her. She is trying to make a good name for warlocks but different groups at school have other plans. Kids are getting injured in the marked versus unmarked war, demons get loose on campus, and a group of kids are using dark and forbidden magic.

This series is fast paced, and alongside the action, there will be friendships, family moments, warlock classes, and personal lessons. Did I mention Erayn gets a demon watch dog?

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Warlock School
Possible school inspiration.

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