Crafted (Warlock School Book 1)

Crafted (Warlock School Book 1)


Progress: I finished the first draft and am almost done editing! Looking for CPs & BRs now!

Blurb: Erayn is about to start warlock school at Ryvnik. She’s been bullied for her warlock marks and is nervous to attend. She makes a friend and classes are going well until she stumbles upon secrets not meant for her. On top of that she’s in the middle of a marked vs unmarked warlock battle and encounters demons on campus.

Warlocks are classified as evil and Erayn wants to change that. She wants them to be known by their original name, caller of spirits, but some students are using forbidden magic and tarnishing the image. Erayn accidentally meets her father, a well known demon, and though he’s evil, he tries to protect her from the forbidden magic floating around the school.

As Erayn gets closer to finding out who is using forbidden magic and for what purposes, she starts having more ‘accidents’. She’ll need to build a team of friends in time to help her stay alive and rid the school of evil.


This is my inspiration for Vulcan, one of Erayn’s friends. Just picture him as a 6th grader. He’s an unmarked warlock who befriends Erayn, a very marked warlock- her hair and skin are shades of blue and she has cat ears. Together they try to put an end to the marked vs unmarked wars.

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Crafted (Warlock School Book 1)
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