Book Review & Discussion: Warcross by Marie Lu

Book Review & Discussion: Warcross by Marie Lu

Book Review & Discussion Warcross by Marie Lu

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Basic Info:

Warcross is a Sci-Fi Young Adult book, present tense, and first person point of view. The characters are diverse and relateable. I love her writing style. The beginning is not slow, it intrigues you from the start. And you won’t want to put it down!


The setting starts in New York and goes to Tokyo. Marie’s descriptions are perfect. You feel like you’re in the book and wearing virtual reality glasses- called NeuroLink. Marie sets the NeuroLink up so that your reality and the virtual world overlap. You can get points in the virtual world, that can be used as real money in the real world. And you can get points just by going to work or washing dishes. The glasses (& later contacts), can also translate languages.


This whole concept is so cool and interesting and you’ll be torn by the decisions at the end of the book. Emika is a bounty hunter for people who gamble in the Warcross Games and in the Dark World- places accessible when you link to the NeuroLink. She’s also a fantastic hacker, skills she wanted to learn since Hideo and his NeuroLink first hit the scene. She needs money badly, her late father put her in a lot of debt, so she decides to hack the Warcross Games and steal a gem to sell in the real world. Only when she steals it, she’s glitched into the game and everyone sees her. Hideo tracks her down, pays her debts, and asks her to come to Tokyo.

Emika’s told she’s in the Warcross draft and gets picked by the lowest rank team. She has to learn quickly how to play the game and rise their team’s rank so she can be a spy for Hideo. He’s put her in the games to find another hacker. There are a few awesome plot twists, and then a burning need for the 2nd book.

Fun Facts & Easter Eggs:

There are Harry Potter references and the team plays Mario Kart. This world is set only 10 years in Legend’s future, the stories are in the same world. There’s even a character with the last name Wing, presumably a relative. There’s also a one eyed white wolf which is a nod to the Young Elite series. And my favorite of all, Marie mentions a guy named Leeroy and I asked her if that was Leeroy Jenkins of World of Warcraft fame and she said YES! I died!! 1 because she wrote me back, and 2 because that was a brilliant Easter Egg and so fitting for the situation. (There’s some language).


When Hideo told Emika to stay away, was he hoping she wouldn’t be on the NeuroLink and therefore not affected? Was he trying to protect her from his plans or just keep her away from them?

Let’s talk Zero. I’m so intrigued by what his story is- what happened to him and how did he get to where he is now. Being in Emika’s brain, I did not see that twist coming at the end, (although maybe you did?). I didn’t get how he thought Emika knew what his plans were. So much confusion among them.

Who’s side are you on? Hideo & peace or Zero & freedom?

Do you see a love triangle in the future? I feel like that might happen….and that I might be okay with it.

So excited for book 2 and the potential spy ring of players.

What are your thoughts???

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