Book Review: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy

Book Review: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy

book review: to all the boys I've loved before series
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My Summary:

This series follows Lara Jean through her high school years. Someone sends out her old love letters to the boys she’s written them to and the aftermath of that is fun. One boy in particular (Josh) was dating her sister, so to avoid that awkward situation she asks another letter receiver, Peter, to be in a fake relationship with her. Lara Jean is an introvert homebody, who is now dating the hottest, most popular guy in school, and she has to navigate these new waters. This relationship turns real but with Peter’s ex taking up most of his time, Lara Jean gets reacquainted with another letter receiver, John. Book 2 is a weird love triangle/square. Then in Book 3, Peter and Lara Jean are having a successful relationship, until their college futures threaten to take it all away.


My Review:

The World: The setting is high school and Lara Jean’s house. The story is very detailed and told in present tense. This normally isn’t my cup of tea but I got used to it. It was fun reading about different Korean food and traditions. There are tons of baking and crafts, if that’s up your alley; mostly it made me hungry.

The Characters: Lara Jean is half-Korean, which is diverse from most books. Her sisters and their relationship is fabulous. I loved Lara Jean’s character, probably because I relate to her. Their dad is also awesome and loving. The sisters and the boys are all different. Genevieve is a very big thorn in my side, I couldn’t stand her or Peter in Book 2, and couldn’t figure out why Lara Jean didn’t run far, far away. I LOVE John. I thought he was a better pick for her. Stormy is a lady at the old folks home who is hilarious and wise.

The Plot: I thought the beginning was slow, but once I got to the letters it picked up. The books address different topics and pressures that are in high school and beyond. I was cringing as Lara Jean had to traverse the aftermath of her letters and being more in the spot light at school. And when she’s in a fight with her sisters. The Harry Potter references in Book 3 are fantastic. As is the humor.

My Rating: ****/5 for all three books.


What’re your thoughts on this series?

If you haven’t read them, are they on your TBR now?

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