I started a YouTube Channel!

I started a YouTube Channel!

I’ve been debating the challenge of a YouTube channel for a few months now. I love watching BookTube and AuthorTube videos and would like to make my mark in those communities and engage more with those community members.

Starting this channel will also help my author platform. And it will allow people (you) to get to know me better on a personal level.

What to Expect:

  • Book Tags
  • Writer Tags
  • Top 5 Wednesdays (via Goodreads)
  • Book reviews and discussions
  • My writing progress/updates

This is a very big next step for me. One I’m sure will take lots of adjustments, especially with a little one on the way. I’m planning to align the topics with my website so I’m not creating a ton of new content, just spreading it across platforms to make it more accessible. There will be some differences thrown in.

YouTube Schedule:

I would like to post 1 video a week on Wednesdays. I’ve posted a few videos ahead of time so there’s not only 1 to stare at. They won’t all be tags, though those are the most fun and fairly quick and easy.

*Disclaimer about my first few videos *laugh/cry*. They’re not the best but I know what I need to improve on. I promise, the videos will get better, and I’ll be more expressive as I get used to everything. Please bear with me and just enjoy the awkward early videos for what they are, my learning curve. ♥

If you have a booktube or authortube account I would love to support you, so let me know details in the comments or DM. Also, if you have any advice or tips, I’m all ears (you can DM me). ♥

Thank you for being on this next step with me! I hope you enjoy!

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