Series: My Writing Process, Book Ideas

Series: My Writing Process, Book Ideas

In case any of you are interested, I’m going to share my writing process. So far, each book idea has been different, so I’m going to jot down various processes.

I am part Pantser, part Plotter.

I’ll start with an idea, and flesh it out as I write.

Where my book ideas come from:

Ideas come to me from watching tv/movies, browsing Pinterest, reading, daydreaming ‘what if’ questions, and so on. I usually get the general idea of who my main character is, and what they might be doing.

I’ll be honest, in each of my ideas, I had no idea how the books were going to end or what the antagonist wanted. Which I hear is super important early on…but that’s a pantser for you. If it didn’t work out, I’d scrap or rewrite the story.

Prophecy Duology

I knew the first and last scene I wanted, although the first scene got pushed back to make a better inciting incident. And the end scene wasn’t the end scene because the ending was extended. I knew how Kenna’s (MC) story began, so I just started writing, all the while trying to figure out what Amelia (Antagonist) wanted. I also knew the world/kingdom would be Pangea inspired and have 5 corners/territories protected by Fae. A few of my major plot points were ah ha! moments, which I’m very thankful for, because otherwise I wouldn’t have a story. I also knew I didn’t want magical powers, but I did want the characters to use their own energy. I got that idea from Dragon Ball Z.

It’s called the Prophecy Duology because I’d read about how people were tired of prophecy stories, and I wanted to twist what everyone’s opinion was. Like what if everyone thought the prophecy was about them, how would that play out?

The original opening scene came to me while watching the end of the Vampire Diaries. There was a road and a forest, and an idea developed of Kenna walking this seemingly unending road in her dream, not knowing where it led. Reaching the destination was my original ending scene. I also knew Kenna had to go on a journey back home, and I wanted mythological creatures and fae to be involved.

To check out the page for Fulfilling The Prophecy Book 1 click the title.

Warlock School Series

The warlock and school idea came from Cassandra Clare’s take on warlocks in her shadowhunter series, and of course Harry Potter had influences as well. I don’t want to compare mine to them, I’m just saying that’s where the idea sprung. I wrote down various bad things that could happen, things for Erayn (MC) to face, but I didn’t know how the books would end except that it would mark the end of the school year.

To check out the page for Crafted (Book 1) click the title.

Adventures of Jane

This idea came about from a Flash Fiction piece I did. Find that here. And I had to form a story around that. Her idea came from the Flash, I really liked the character of Gypsy and her potential. My pinterest board is full of what is on the different Earths, so that I can stay true to what comics have laid down, and just add my own stories.


This idea came from wanting to do something with Norse mythology and clicking around on Pinterest. I thought about how cool it might be to follow this band of women/sisters, as they picked up dead men to take to Valhalla, and how they might act off duty. These stories would be in short story form.

Super old ideas of mine came from reading a ton of that genre, and knowing what I wanted to write differently.

How do you come up with book ideas?

Is your writing process similar to mine or completely different?

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