Series: My Writing Process, Outlining

Series: My Writing Process, Outlining

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Being a Plantser (Planner/Pantser) I never get far in outlines.

How I Outline:

I keep a notebook and also jot scenes down in my word document so when I open it again, I know where I wanted to go. In a notebook I have bare bones that I’ll jot down ideas as they come. More often then not, the scenes come to me as I’m writing, so I’ll add what happens into my notebook.

For the Prophecy duology, I knew point A, B, D, H, M, S, V, Z and needed the other points to fill themselves in, which they did. Some of those points I didn’t know, I wrote what needed to happen and I moved on. This was the first book that I wrote mostly linearly. I used to skip around a lot in my previous attempts at writing, which heavily hindered me when I went to fill in scenes. Granted, I was writing those books over a larger span of time, with barely an outline, and I forgot all of my spoilers and twists, and what needed to happen. With the first book in this duology, I only had to go enter 2 scenes and I knew what needed to happen in them. Having a smaller deadline- like 1 month at (Camp)NaNo- is really helpful in remembering your whole story.

The Warlock series was the first one I wrote chapters down ahead of time and jotted ideas down for what could happen. I still only outlined 8 chapters but when I started writing, the outline differed from what I was writing by chapter 2. This was the first time I tried the 3 Act Structure and it worked well for me. I intend to continue doing that through each book in the series, and the series as a whole. I wrote book 1 during Nano, so like I said above, it was easy to remember what I’d written. And therefore it was easy to know what I needed to go back and add or beef up. I’m a tragic underwriter which I’ll talk about in the next Writing Process blog.

Various Outline Options:

  • Snowflake Outline
  • Skeletal Outline
  • 3 Act Structure
  • Synopsis
  • Hero’s Journey
  • Freytag Model

I’ll be creating blogs for these outlines soon and will come back and add the links.

Which outline do you use? Or do you not use one?

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